MENGJI Advantage
Advantage of the ally
With all kinds of motor shaft core parts processing, through the perfect quality control system, all kinds of metal stamping products processing and production
20 years of experience in small household appliances hardware
10 R&D personnel, leading in precision shaft core manufacturing and copper-type mixing tools; annual shipments exceeding 10 million products won several national patents
Product qualification rate 100%
ISO9001:2015 quality system certification; life test 100% standard, flip life test up to 25,000 times
Parts and components are self-produced, and the cost is lower; self-owned car, stamping, mold design and manufacturing workshop
Provide OEM, ODM, can be customized, sample and customized, and provide solutions, 5-7 working sunrise samples after submitting requirements; thousands of shafts can provide samples
Advantage AREA
Alliance coverage area
Hardware · Parts processing, we will be happy to help you
Mingji Partner
They all chose the MF
We strictly control the production process, optimize the production process within the quality standard, complete the production target with quality and quantity, and obtain customer trust with quality production guarantee.
Mengji looks forward to COOPERATION
Mengji looks forward to working with you
Not every company has the ability to serve its customers, Mengji one-stop convenience customization
Dongguan Mengji (Zhaocheng) Hardware Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise engaged in the processing, manufacturing, sales and service of hardware products. 【See Details】
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