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Come, teach you to maintain the hardware mold!
Announcer:Mengji Hardware  Date:2019/9/21 9:43:23  Views:1165

1. After using the metal mold for a long time, we will find that it is necessary to grind the cutting edge. After grinding, the cutting edge surface needs to be demagnetized again, and it cannot be magnetic, otherwise it will easily block the material.

2. Check the fastening parts of the metal mold and check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged. If there is such a situation, the method should be to find the parts with the same specifications for replacement; check whether the screws, fixing pins, etc. are loose, will it not? Jump out and blow the mold, if it is loose, use a wrench to lock it.

3. During the use of the mold, the punch is prone to breakage, bending and smashing. The punching sleeve is generally smashed. The damage of the punch and the punching sleeve also needs to be replaced by the same specification.

4. Check the tightness of the guiding device, add lubricating oil, prevent the mold from overheating and pulling the hair; carry out anti-rust treatment on the metal mold that is not produced.

5. Maintenance and maintenance of press parts and unloading parts. When repairing, pay attention to check the parts of each part for damage and repair and update the damaged parts.